Largest market bitcoin exchanges

The largest market in most bitcoin exchanges is Ether/Bitcoin or ETH/BTC. Poloniex is the exchange with the largest market in Ether/Bitcoin. Bitcoin exchange list have the biggest bitcoin exchanges in that market listed on this page. The market volume is interesting since it creates liquidity. Liquidity is necessary because it usually lower the price and for traders it also creates an easy exit.

Alt cryptocurrency markets

The alt cryptocurrency markets decrease very fast in volume. There is so many alt cryptocurrencies on the market, so the trading is not concentrated in those markets. However, if you are looking for alt cryptocurrency liquidity, in general, we think Poloniex is best. Bleutrade has the best alternatives for crypto-crypto markets which mean you don’t have to pay to exchange into Bitcoin between two alt cryptocurrency trades.

Largest volumes bitcoin exchanges

The other markets with a large volume in are BTC/USD and BTC/EUR. The largest Bitcoin exchanges for BTC/USD are Coinsbank, Bitfinex, and Gatecoin. The biggest Bitcoin exchanges for BTC/EUR are almost the same exchanges Coinsbank, Kraken, Bitfinex, and Gatecoin.

Fiat or only cryptocurrencies

Some bitcoin exchanges offer only cryptocurrency markets with no fiat markets. Those Bictoin exchanges are Bleutrade and Poloniex.

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