Free Bitcoin Apps

In Free Bitcoin Apps, you will get game applications where you can earn free Bitcoin by playing. It is time we stopped viewing games as time wasting opportunities or applications designed for just passing time. You can find yourself a better game where you can earn money as you enjoy yourself.

There are a variety of games that you can download on your mobile device and earn Bitcoins when playing.

How do you earn the free Bitcoins

At times it might be questionable whether one can really earn Bitcoins freely just by playing games, especially taking into consideration that one Bitcoin (BTC) is worth more than 5000USD.

But it is very real. People are making money through the games.

You will either earn the free Bitcoins by solving Captcha, viewing Ads or crowd sourcing small tasks. For the Bitcoin payments to be sent to you, you will have to provide your Bitcoin wallet public address.

Types of free Bitcoin Apps

There are free Bitcoin applications for both Android and iOS users.

Free Bitcoin Apps for Android users

There are a variety of Android games where you can earn free Bitcoins by playing. Below are the most common and trusted Free Bitcoin apps for Android users:

1. Roll and Ball

Free Bitcoin Apps Roll and Ball

In this game, the player earns Bitcoins through the Ads.

The game simply entails rolling a ball around a table while collecting coin on the table. You will have to collect all the coins.

There are two versions of this game; the 10% option and the 40% option. The 10% option has immediate profits while in the 40% option, the profits depend on future Ads.

2. Save My Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin Apps Save my Bitcoin

In this game, there is a bad goblin who wants to steal your Bitcoins and you will have to take everything as fast as you can to save your money from being stolen.

3. Bitcoin Billionaire

Free Bitcoin Apps Bitcoin Billionaire

In this game, the player earns virtual Bitcoins through virtual mining and then uses that money to do some investments. The real free Bitcoins are earned through the Ads.

4. Bitcoin Bandit

Free Bitcoin Apps Bitcoin Bandit

As the player, your work will be to prevent the bunny, named Bandit, who is strapped to a rocket pack, from being stung by the bees and also from hitting the ground. The more time you spend playing, the more the satoshis you accumulate and this will accumulate to earn you real free Bitcoins. 1 Satoshi is worth 0.00000001 of a Bitcoin.

5. Bitdrip

Free Bitcoin Apps Bitdrip

As you play, you are timed and time is of the essence. You are also awarded some points at the end of it all and you can earn Bitcoins in the long run.

Free Bitcoin Apps for iOS users

There are a variety of iOS games where you can earn free Bitcoins by playing. Below are the most common and trusted Free Bitcoin apps for iPhone and iPad users:

1. Bitcoin Alien Run

Free Bitcoin Apps Bitcoin Alien Run

In this game, you will be controlling a cartoon by the name of D’Allen as he runs from Aliens. You will be unlocking free Bitcoins new unique levels.

2. Bitcoin Free

Free Bitcoin Apps Bitcoin Free

This game is the simplest of all games. The player will only need to enter their Bitcoin wallet address and press any button to receive some Bitcoin into the provided wallet address.

3. BlockChain Game

Free Bitcoin Apps Blockchain game

In this game, the player earns free Bitcoins depending on the height of the stacked blocks. The earned Bitcoins are paid out on a weekly basis. The minimum payment is 20,000 satoshis, meaning that you will have to hit that amount of satoshis to get paid. 1 Satoshi is worth 0.00000001 of a Bitcoin.

4. Abundance

Free Bitcoin Apps Abundance

The player receives motivational quotes about having a wealth mindset from the game developers every hour. Then the player can claim some Bitcoins from the developers.

5. Bitcoin Aliens

Free Bitcoin Apps Bitcoin Aliens

the player will help Daniel D’Alien to kill aliens and earn free Bitcoins. The earned Bitcoins are paid directly into your Bitcoin wallet address. However, you will have to have a minimum of 20,000 satoshis to get paid.

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