Welcome to our guide how you should think when you choose bitcoin exchange. This guide will help you with questions you should ask yourself, so you know better how to chose accept bitcoin exchange.

Country of origin

Which country the bitcoin exchange operates is important because different rules and laws apply. Also different fiat currencies can be supported dependent from which country the bitcoin exchange operates.

Deposits and Withdrawals

With which method do you prefer to buy your bitcoin?Which method offers best exchange rates? Decide which deposit method you are looking for such as wire transfer, SEPA, cash, credit card, OKpay, etc. Check also withdrawal methods.

Liquid Markets

Check the exchange´s transaction volume or the liquidity. Also, check the current bitcoin price and compare between different bitcoin exchanges. Usually, you can get a lower price if the exchange has high transaction volume.

Transparency and Security

Check if the bitcoin exchange is transparent with news and security questions. Do they store the bitcoins in cold storage and is the addresses public for example?


Fees are critical since this will eat a bit from your deposit. Usually, SEPA is one of the methods require lowest fees.


There are many different exchanges on the internet, so you don’t have to chance and choose an exchange with the bad reputation. Search for the name and check search engines results and forum discussions.

We hope our guide about how to choose bitcoin exchange helped you!

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