How not to rescue funds in a stuck transaction?

Stuck transactions are an annoying feature of a decentralized market. All the more annoying that this occasion is impossible to foresee. And from it no one is immune. A stuck (unconfirmed) transaction can destroy the trader’s plans and deprive the investor of legal reward – if, for example, he chose to make profit from exchange rate. This is not prohibited and serve as the most worthy way to monetize the knowledge and competencies of a trader. But everything can cross out the stuck transaction. And how! As a rule, in the case exchange rate, it is necessary to quickly transfer a large amount from a personal wallet to an exchange. If time is lost, the operation loses its meaning. Just according to a proverb: Good that comes too late is good as nothing.

But is it really possible that your transaction will be stuck. Maybe you’ll have a good fortune? Maybe you will. But statistics says otherwise. According to Etherscan, the queue is stable.

In the same place on Etherscan in the Pending section you can see constantly 70-90 K transactions with a waiting period of 14-17 days:

And you can see more often complaining posts such as:

– I have a ETH Wallet on that I have sent ETH to my <exchange> account successfully many times before, but my last attempt to send all of my current wallet value to my <exchange> ETH doesn’t seem to be working…

Most often transactions became stuck due to incorrectly set gas. But how to put it right? Even turning to special tools does not help and does not give a guarantee. The chart of the ETH Gas Station shows that expensive gas does not guarantee the quick execution of the transaction:

It is clear that a stuck transaction is not the same as stolen money. The money is yours, it would appear where you have sent it. But in a volatile market, such an unpredictable performance can actually be equated with the loss of funds.

There are several ways to push a stuck transaction. The vast majority of them require attention and extra effort. Perhaps the simplest and most convenient way can be used by those who have a new Endpass wallet. In addition to the convenient interface and some modern convenient features, Endpass has a simple tool for solving the problem of a stuck transaction. Directly from your wallet, you can quickly cancel it and just as quickly resend it with a new gas. When it comes to large sums and a big game, such an opportunity is worth a lot. And it is provided for free.

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