Crypto Exchange News No.2 Dec 2017

Crypto Exchange News No.2 Dec 2017

Bitfinex News

Trade News

On December 30th, Bitfinex made an announcement in which it stated that OmiseGO tokens shall be delivered to ETH holders, as the ICO held on August 2017 has been finalized till its full completion. The distribution shall be delivered for unhedged ETH wallet balances and ETH lenders. The rate of exchange would stand at 0.1029 OMG per ETH for available balances.

On December 29th, the company also created 8 open-sourced development libraries that are crucial for the Bitfinex’s operations, with an example being svc-js – a Bittorent/DHT based framework for microservices.

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Ripple Withdraws Available

On December 28th, the exchange has announced that XRP withdrawals are now working on the exchange, with plans being for all functions and liquidity achieved before the beginning of the year 2018. Thus, now works with both deposits and withdrawals of the Ripple currency, offering wallet services for the coin as well.

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EXMO’s Official Statement on Pavel Lerner’s Abduction

On December 29th, Exmo made an official statement regarding the unfortunate incidents, involving Pavel Lerner’s abduction. On December 26th, unknown masked group kidnaped the leading analyst of Exmo, with reasons still being held as unknown. Mr. Pavel did respond on 29th and is safe and physically healthy although understandably shaken.

Up to this point, no new developments are known as an investigation is still in the process. It was announced that Pavel’s activity at EXMO did not involve an access to financial assets of our users at any point in time.

Trade figures – what indicators to choose? Part 2

On December 28th, the Exmo platform released the second part of the trade analysis concerning cryptocurrencies. The article revolves around the indicators used for margin trading with several being proposed as the best for certain situations.

These indicators are RSI indicator (an oscillator, more reliable under flat and calculates the value of RSI for every specific moment on the back of past price changes), Stochastic indicator (also referred to oscillators indicating a value from 0 to 100) and ZigZag indicator (an indicator demonstrating market entry points following automatic analysis of rate extremes).

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HitBTC News

Summing up 2017 at HitBTC

On December 30th, the company made a short summary of its achievements in 2017. The company made a new trading function in scaled orders, developed 2.0 API with significant trade order improvements and listed out 150 new tokens. The exchange attracted 1.571% more traders to its platform through new security features and SegWit being supported.

Trade News

On December 30th and 29th, the HitBTC announced the release of several coins and their availability at the exchange’s marketplace. The new additions are Kapucoin (abbreviation KAPU made by Kapu platform that aims to preserve the finds all around the world using the Blockchain technology), Monaco (abbreviation MCO, a secure currency for transactions without borders) and Steamr (DATAcoin which is a token of Streamr platform that tokenizes streaming data to enable a new way for machines & people to trade).

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Binance News

Trade News

On December 29th, Binance platform announced several new tokens being added to the exchange, with them being Triggers (TRIG) and Lunyr (LUN). New coins also will have trading pairs, with them being TRIG/BNB, TRIG/BTC and TRIG/ETH for Triggers and LUN/BTC and LUN/ETH for Lunyr.


On December 29th, the company decided to hold new competition involving VEN trade, in which traders need to transact the coin (buy and sell) in order to win 1 BTC equivalent of VEN coins. The lucky 60 draws would be equally splitting a pool of 300,000 VEN, or 5,000 VEN each. Apart from crypto coins, a vehicle called BMW i8 is also available for the first place pick.

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