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Bitfinex News

Trade News

On December 27th, Bitfinex announced the inclusion of two new tokens called Golem (GNT) and Status (SNT). The available trading pairs for Golem that users can work with are GNT/USD, GNT/BTC, and GNT/ETH, while for Status, pairs are SNT/USD, SNT/BTC, and SNT/ETH.

Apart from new coins, Bitfinex also announced that new EUR par has been added to the trading platform called IOTA/EUR. As to accommodate the said trade pair, the platform also introduced V1.2.0 of smidgen which is Bitfinex’s open source IOTA multisignature wallet.

A trader should be aware that new coins, although possessing fresh liquidity, do hold trade risks which are held by users only.

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Poloniex News

Notice to Poloniex’s Legacy Account Holders

On December 27th, Poloniex has successfully upgraded customer identification and verification systems, resulting in legacy accounts being required to verify their identities through the latest version of the verification portal. The said requirement is yet to be fully functional, with the deadline of the last development stage being the first quarter of 2018.

With the new version, the verification level remains to have the same limitations on the trade volume, now standing at $25K USD worth of coins. Users holding legacy accounts should be aware that on the date of the deadline, next few events shall take place:

– trading and lending will temporarily stop

– Open orders will be closed

– loans will not have the auto-renew option for that day

– Margin positions will be given an 8-week wind-down period

– Deposit addresses will be revoked

– Withdrawals will remain enabled at the usual daily withdrawal limits

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Blockchain Conference

On December 26th, announced that in March, a Money20/20 Asia blockchain event shall take place. The platform offers discounted tickets as a means of promoting the event and providing an incentive for traders to attend the said event. emphasizes the importance of staying tuned to the latest development, as it will help them generate larger profits through accumulated knowledge from the meeting.

The event also possesses as an excellent place for social networking, which would benefit through increased trade and financial activity within its platform.The event is set to be held in Singapore on dates between 13th and 15th of March, 2018.

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The 2017 results: EXMO core achievements

On December 27th, Exmo offered a yearly report of its achievements and activities that are worthy to be mentioned. The exchange was nominated as one of the best exchanges in 2017 by  BTC Awards 2017 CIS. It was also announced that EXMO is among TOP-10 crypto-platforms on the

The number of users within the platform passed 1.000.000 clients, meaning that 600.00 new traders entered the trade game at Exmo since the end of 2016. The exchange also added over 100 new trading pairs and has redesigned its platform.

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Binance News

Trade News

On December 27th, Binance announced new token intakes into its platform, them being NAV Coin (NAV) and Wings (WINGS). The available trading pairs are NAV/BNB, NAV/BTC and NAV/ETH for NAV coins, while Wings have WINGS/BTC and WINGS/ETH.

TRX competition has been concluded on December 27th as well, with winners announced. Prizes included 2018 Maserati 3.0T Levante Classic and Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo 52kW (71hp) Petrol Engine.

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HitBTC News

Trade News

On December 27th, HitBTC has included several new coin within its marketplace, it being CPay. The available trade pair is CPAY/ETH. On the same day, HiBTC also announced the launch of Komodo, where ICO projects can be presented and tokens sold around to those that wish to be involved.

All of the trading changes carry risks, as tokens and ICOs might go default. These risks are carried by traders only.

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